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Ms. Sunita Trevino
Born in Bombay India and raised in America, Sunita Trevino, is able to bring Eastern Spirituality to modern day life coaching. “When I look at Spiritual text I can see the Science. When I look at the Science I can see Spirituality. Knowledge in the area of the neurology of the brain combined with my mindfullness practices empower me to create a method for people to have lasting transformation”- Sunita Trevino.

Being raised by successful entrepreneurs has propelled her to succeed in business. She has owned and operated multiple businesses currently managing a field force of up to 150 agents. Sunita is a Regional Vice President Partner with a financial services firm, where she has been able to have achievements in business that have broken international records.

Instructor for Financial Literacy, organizational transformation, personal transformation for individual, corporations and children
Organizational Facilitator
Key note speaker
Conducts private group and individual coaching
Fluid in conducting Neurofeedback using integration technology
Certified life coach from the Life Coaching Institute of America
Research extends into the areas of Career Development, Organizational Psychology, and the emerging field of neuroplasticity.

The combination of education and real world experience has allowed Sunita to bring a higher quality of coaching surpassing most other instructors.

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